AS 299 – Junior Seminar for Pre-law Students

AS 299 is a 1-credit hour Pass/Fail course taught every Fall and Spring semester.

AS 299 is not a required class. However, the course is intended to assist Junior and Senior students potentially interested in attending law school with their preparation for the application process and eventual success in law school.

Students will complete assignments, listen to guest speakers, and do research that will help answer the question, “Why do I want to go to law school?”

The course will cover the elements of a successful law school application and the appropriate timeline for completing application requirements; what factors should be considered when deciding which law schools to apply to, and ultimately which law school to attend; what challenges can be expected during the application process; financial aspects of applying to law school; and finally, what career opportunities can be expected with a JD.

Students can register for AS 299 during their assigned class registration time each semester.