The annual Law School Faistudent receiving information at a law school tabler, held early each spring semester, attracts recruiters from law schools across the country providing students the opportunity to be introduced to a variety of institutions at one time, without requiring extensive travel and planning.

The Law School Fair is an excellent venue to make connections with the schools you are planning to apply and to ideally make a meaningful impression with admissions representatives at those institutions.

Here are some tips for students who’d like to attend:

Dress to impress

How you present and carry yourself can make a considerable impact on the impression you leave with admissions professionals. Business attire is recommended.

Carry a business card

This is not a venue to hand out your resume as your resume will be a required component of your application. However, handing out a business card after a brief conversation with an admissions professional is acceptable and gives them something to remember you by when your application is submitted.

Be prepared and ask questions

Do your research and come prepared to ask questions specific to the schools you plan to apply. You are not expected to be an expert on every school, however having a baseline knowledge to ask intelligent questions conveys your genuine interest in the school.

Annual Pre-Law Week Events

Pre-Law Student Association Meeting


Mock Admissions Panel

A panel of law admissions professionals will dissect real law school applications highlighting positive and negative aspects while breaking down the candidacy of applicants based on various criteria. A must-see presentation for anyone seriously considering applying to law school.

Law School Fair


Financing Law School Presentation with Access Group

A representative from Access Group will give a presentation on financing your legal education. Topics covered will include
  • How much will your education cost?
  • How do you get financial aid?
  • How do you get financially fit?
Another essential presentation for anyone planning to attend law school.

STEM to Law Workshop


Participating Schools

See which law schools are registered for the fair: