Trying to find the right law school?

These 10 questions to law school representatives will help you narrow down your choices.

The University of Alabama Law School Fair provides an excellent opportunity for students to interact and engage with law school representatives from around the country. Students should research law schools to be familiar with the programs and opportunities available, but a website can only provide so much information. This is your opportunity to ask questions regarding specific interests and concerns.

This resource may serve as a guide to help you get started in gathering information to find the law school that is the best fit for you. Be thoughtful and prepared with your questions for the law school representatives and you will make a strong impression.

  1. How are your law school applications reviewed?
  2. Is there an advantage to applying early? If so, when do you advise applying by? Will you accept the February LSAT score?
  3. How do you evaluate multiple LSAT scores?
  4. When do you typically let applicants know about admissions decisions?
  5. What clinical, externship, moot court/trial team, and law journal/law review opportunities are offered? Is participation competitive?
  6. What is the atmosphere like? How would you describe faculty-student relationships? How accessible are faculty? How would you describe student relationships?
  7. How do most of your students pay for law school?
  8. What criteria are used to award merit-based and need-based scholarships? What is needed to keep these scholarships?
  9. How active is your career services office bringing in potential employers for on-campus interviews, helping students find a clerkship, employment, etc.?
  10. Do you see a way in which your school differs from other schools?