Helpful Websites

  • LSAC: Hub for law school application and LSAT registration. Also features a database of all ABA-accredited law schools, so a great place to begin the research process.
  • American Bar Association Pre-Law: General information about the transition from undergraduate to law school including core skills necessary to succeed in law school.
  • ABA Required Disclosures: Provides information on each AABA-accredited law school with regards to enrollment, cost, scholarships, diversity and Bar passage.
  • MaxPre-Law: Developed by AccessLex, Max Pre-Law offers short video courses to help students understand the costs of a legal education and helpful resources for applying to law school.

Find a Scholarship

Identifying and pursuing scholarship opportunities through non-traditional means can be vital to financing a legal education. These websites offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to students planning to attend law school: