UA Pre-law Applicant Course

The UA Pre-law Applicant Course was designed for current students who cannot enroll in our AS 299 course and UA alumni who would like to access our free resources and advising services.

The course will cover the elements of a successful law school application and the appropriate timeline for completing application requirements; what factors should be considered when deciding which law schools to apply to, and ultimately which law school to attend; what challenges can be expected during the application process; financial aspects of applying to law school; and finally, what career opportunities can be expected with a JD.

Students can complete this course at their own pace and access materials to the course at any time. The course will appear on their Blackboard course list but will not count towards earned credit hours for their degree.

Students may submit a draft of their personal statement in Blackboard, and a pre-law advisor will review their draft and provide feedback.

Only students applying for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 law school application cycles can request to enroll in the course.

Students can request enrollment into the course using this link: UA Pre-law Applicant Course Enrollment Request Form