9 Academic Tips for Freshmen & Sophomores

  1. Complete an evaluation of your strengths and interests. Discuss your interests with an academic advisor to explore courses that are in your areas of interest.
  2. Take classes that will help you develop critical and analytical thinking skills and oral and written communication skills. Get as much exposure to new classes and other activities in which you must adapt to different styles of teaching, studying, reading, and thinking.
    Take writing courses and courses that you are expected to take essay tests. Use a dictionary. 
  3. There is no required major for law school, so you should explore and choose a major and minor in the field that you enjoy and in which you are able to perform well.
  4. Join the Pre-law Student Association (PLSA) and Pre-Law Listserv.
  5. Always attend class and schedule study times. Get in the habit of studying every day. Time management is very critical and will help you succeed academically. Your grades are important  and having a strong academic record is needed for admission to law school.
  6. Get involved in extra-curricular activities that are important to you. Only participate in activities that are of interest to you and will help you develop leadership, public service, and communication skills.
  7. Begin building relationships with your faculty. Developing strong relationships with your faculty is important so that you will have professors to ask for advice and letters of recommendations later.
  8. Start researching and seeking out opportunities for summer law school programs, study abroad, internships, and externships.
  9. Remember to take full advantage of your faculty advisor as well as your Pre-Law advisor. Both can be tremendous resources as you progress through your undergraduate career.