About the Pre-Law Program

Our Mission

The University of Alabama Pre-Law Program aims to:

  • Provide students potentially interested in a career in law with a comprehensive experience featuring diverse opportunities, information, and insight that allows each individual to make an informed decision about attending law school
  • Offer hands-on assistance, guidance, and resources through each phase of the application process to maximize the likelihood of acceptance at each student’s preferred law school choices.

The pre-law program at The University of Alabama is designed to provide information, resources, and opportunities to give students potentially interested in law school an accurate perception of both law school and the legal field.

Pre-law is not a major, minor, or track at UA, and there are no required courses one must take in order to attend law school.

First and foremost, the purpose of the pre-law program is to help students decide if law school is truly the right path for them. When that decision is made, we provide assistance, resources, and advice throughout the application process to help maximize your chances for success.