The UA Pre-Law Program’s mission is to assist students who may be considering attending law school by providing guidance as to whether law school is the best option for each student; maintaining and distributing resources to assist students in their choice of law school destinations; providing services to bolster student applications and chances of academic success in law school; and introducing students to the academic, financial, and social challenges of law school and careers in law generally.

Some of the resources provided include assistance in selecting courses and degree programs; Arts & Sciences Pre-Law courses which teach students about the law school application process; a library full of current information about ABA-accredited law schools; a Freshman Learning Community designed to help incoming freshmen who desire an immediate law experience; and work with the Pre-Law Student Association. These resources, along with others, will give students the best possible academic preparation for the study of law and eventual practice, and provide them with all the needed information concerning legal education and the legal profession.

The Pre-Law Program also sponsors two programs designed to allow UA undergraduate students the opportunity to meet with law school admissions representatives while on campus in Tuscaloosa. The annual Law School Fair, held each January, attracts recruiters from law schools all across the country, providing students the opportunity to be introduced to a variety of institutions in one sitting, without requiring extensive travel and planning. The Program also has launched the “OCI” program, which pairs law school admissions representatives with UA undergraduates for informal one-on-one interviews on campus, allowing for a more personal connection to the law schools to which a student may make application.

UA has consistently exceeded the national average for its percentage of undergraduates who are admitted to law school.  94% of UA students who graduated between September 2012 and August 2013 were accepted to one or more law schools. The national average hovers around 60%.

If you are a UA student considering pursuing a career in law, or a non-UA student considering matriculating at the University of Alabama as a pre-cursor to law school, the UA Pre-Law Program can help get you the information you need to make an informed decision about your future.