Student Organizations

Pre-Law Student Organization

The Pre-Law Student Association (PLSA) is an on-campus organization focused on providing opportunities for students planning to attend law school. Guest speakers include professors, representatives from various law schools, lawyers, and current law students.

There are opportunities for community service and campus involvement. The PLSA also hosts the Law School Fair early in the spring semester in coordination with the A&S Pre-Law Advising program.

2023-2024 Officers

  • President: Katie Riese
  • Executive Vice President: Anna Janowski
  • Vice President of Administration: Ella Kate Brooks
  • Director of Communications: Helen Grace White
  • Director of DEI and Scholarships: Autumn Pernell
  • Treasurer: Isabell Trafton
  • Secretary: Lila Robertson

2022-2023 Officers

  • President: Nick Tolbert
  • Executive Vice President: AnnAdair Blackledge
  • Vice President of Administration: Jason Park
  • Director of Communications: Katie Riese
  • Director of DEI and Scholarships: Autumn Pernell
  • Treasurer: Tylan Farrokhnia
  • Secretary: Emily Smith

2021-2022 Officers

  • President: Caroline Keating
  • Executive Vice President: Nick Tolbert
  • Vice President of Administration: Alexander Lindenfelser
  • Treasurer: Tylan Farrokhnia
  • Secretary: Kennedy Pasley
  • Director of Communications: Jason Park


The advisor for the PLSA is Brandon Wingler, Director of Pre-Law Advising.

The PLSA distributes announcements about events, requirements, and other information via the Pre-Law email listserv. You can contact the PLSA directly by emailing


Mock Trial Team

Enjoy performance and competition? Consider joining The University of Alabama’s Mock Trial Team!

The Mock Trial Team participates in simulated trials created by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA), the association responsible for governing undergraduate mock trial programs. These competitions offer students an opportunity to learn about the American legal system while honing their public speaking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills — all critical to success in law school.

For more details, visit the Mock Trial Team’s website or read about their achievements on the A&S website.


Model UN

Model United Nations at The University of Alabama is conducted through the Alabama International Relations Club (AIRC).  Three times a semester, the AIRC sends a delegation of students to compete at model UN conferences, all over (and outside) the United States.  At these conferences students take on the role of delegates representing countries and organizations in a variety of different committees.  This year, UA students have competed at model UN conferences in Chicago, Montreal, and Washington DC, to name only a few locations.  UA has also achieved success in model UN over the past several years, with individuals winning awards at all of this year’s conferences, and the delegation as a whole winning an award at Florida State University’s conference.  As those students can attest, model UN is a great way to build persuasive writing, public speaking, and advocacy skills.

For more details, visit the Model UN website and follow them on social media at @AlabamaAIRC.

Future Black Law Student Association logo


Future Black Law Student Association

The vision of Future Black Law Student Association (FBLSA) is to populate America’s law schools with a diverse, prepared, and unique group of students who are diligent about pursuing legal careers; who will in turn impact public service, the legal profession, and humanity.

For more details, visit the FBLSA’s website and follow them on social media at @UA_FBLSA.


Legal Research Club

Legal Research Club logo

Founded in the Fall of 2017, the Legal Research Club (LRC) has made its mission to equip undergraduates with the skills necessary to succeed in research, expand perspectives of legal issues in both Alabama and the nation, and excel in the publication of a comprehensive law review. The Capstone Journal of Law and Public Policy aims to provide undergraduates in the Southeast region and beyond with the opportunity to publish exceptional work, contributing to the discussion of relevant legal issues, their nuances, and their implications. We are proud publishers of the state’s first undergraduate law journal, the Capstone Journal of Law and Public Policy, and also publish student work through our undergraduate legal blog, the Capstone Commentary.

For more details, visit the LRC’s website and follow them on social media at @LRCatUA.