Prospective Students

Welcome to The University of Alabama’s pre-law prospective student page! Here you will find a glimpse of the services and opportunities that are available to pre-law students who attend The University of Alabama.


Why Law School?

The first question that we aim to help students answer is why law school is the right choice for them. As an incoming freshman, we want to provide opportunities for balanced exposure to law school and the legal field so you can start to form your own opinions about the viability of a career in law. First-year advising sessions with your pre-law advisor, Pre-Law Student Association meetings, and the Law School Fair are excellent venues for familiarizing yourself with what it takes to get in and be successful in law school as you begin the process of deciding if law school is the best fit for you.


Finding Your Major

Each year, University of Alabama students from dozens of different academic disciplines apply and are accepted to law schools across the country. You can major in ANYTHING and go to law school! The key is to find a subject matter that you are enthusiastic about, that you can excel in, and that will equip you with the skills necessary to succeed in law school. Working with an advisor in your first year to help determine the best path for YOU is an important step in your pre-law journey.



Law schools are looking for well-rounded individuals with diverse experiences, so finding opportunities for involvement outside the classroom is essential for the successful applicant. Looking for extracurriculars that supplement your in-class experience whether through student organizations, internships, research, community involvement, or study abroad is a great place to start. Again, law schools don’t require anything specific from an involvement standpoint, so you are free to explore your personal interests and build out your resume based on your passions.


Seminar Course

When you get to the point where you’re ready to apply to law school, our AS 299 Pre-Law Seminar can help guide you through the process. This one-credit course is designed for juniors preparing to apply during their senior year or seniors planning to take a gap year (Did you know that more than 60% of applicants take a gap year before law school!?). AS 299 walks students through each element of the application and provides insight on law school and the legal field from current law school students, law school administrators, and practicing attorneys.



Lastly, your success is our success! If you have any questions about our pre-law programs, please contact us at